Duck food – All in one information including FAQS

Wondering what food to give your duck? Tinkering on some hand-reach foods available around, and how it will affect your ducks? Alright, that being said, let’s read through and see what we can and/or can’t feed our ducks.

Ducks are omnivorous birds. They eat a wide variety of foods, and require a good nutrition for feather and muscle development, breeding and laying success, duck growth and many more. To provide a suitable diet, one must first understand what ducks eat.

Food domestic and/or pet ducks eat

1. Bird feed

It’s no surprise that this is the first. Birds love seeds. Seeds like sunflower seeds – both striped and black oiled sunflower seeds-, bird seed, to mention but a few.

Layer feeds as well, ducks love them. If you have a female duck for laying, giving her that extra boost of protein.

2. Protein will help to hasten the process.

Ducks should be fed unmedicated feed always. For the first three weeks of age, duck starters are ideal. Duck starters are a high nutrient feed with a protein level of around 20% From then on you can feed them pullet grower, a lower protein, unmedicated chicken feed.

3. Whole grains

Pure whole grains are significant when considering this option, else they’ll gain too much weight. Except of course you want that.

4. Vegetables

If you have a garden, some of the vegetables grown there can be fed to your ducks. This is super helpful in a case in which there’s excess of plants. Your ducks can eat the excess plants and in turn you’ll not get to waste them.

Vegetables like zucchini, broccoli, squash, cucumbers, corn etc. Your ducks will happily help out with those.

5. Cracked corn

Cracked corn contains both protein and fiber which in turn is a great addition to your bird’s diet

6. Oats

7. Rice

8. Grapes (half cut or quartered if large)

9. Earthworms (usually gotten from the ground/garden)

10. Chopped lettuce or other salad mixes

Ducks love it when you chop their “salad” in finely shaped forms and spread it for them in their water pond/bowls. It gives them a food to play with whilst exercising.

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