Golden Cascade | Duck Breed Facts and Information

Golden Cascade History

Developed in the United States in 1979 by David Holderread of Corvallis, Oregon; The Golden Cascade is a breed of domestic duck that has fast-growing, active, well-laid eggs, and also the auto-sexing feature.

The Golden Cascade was introduced to the market by the mid-1980s and has since not yet been admitted to the American Poultry Association’s Standard of Perfection.

General Characteristics Of The Golden Cascade

The Golden Cascade was given the name because of its golden ( brown sex-linked recessive ) hue, and for the prominent red tinge on their head. They are generally medium sized domestic ducks.


They have

  • buff or fawn plumage
  • orange beaks
  • brown markings
  • reddish breasts
  • white underbodies
  • bronze or satin green heads.


They have

  • yellow beaks
  • bronze or satin green heads
  • white ring on their necks
  • reddish breasts
  • white underbodies.

Their throats can turn light fawn. However, older drakes can molt to buff or fawn that covers both the head and body.


First-year ( younger ) birds have

  • a chestnut chest
  • a classic golden buff
  • white shoulders
  • white sides
  • white belly.

The ducklings can be bred to carry out auto sexing as they possess the brown sex-linked gene.


Weight Of The Golden Cascade

The Golden Cascade duck average body weight of about 2.7 to 3.6 kg ( 6-8 pounds ).

Golden Cascade Uses

Golden Cascade ducks were developed mainly as a dual-purpose breed. They are also suitable for both egg and meat production. In the world today, they are raised as laying birds and also popular as a backyard bird.

Golden Cascade


Golden Cascade Duck | Tabular Summary

Breed Name Golden Cascade
Other Name None
Breed Use Meat, Eggs, ornamental
Characteristics/Personality Docile, Active and Fast Growers
Breed Class Medium
Broodiness Good
Weight Drake    About 3.6 kg
Duck    About 2.7 kg
Egg Color White
Egg Productivity Medium
Egg Weight About 75 gram
Egg Size Large
Flight Ability Poor
Climate Tolerance All Climates
Availability Common
Varieties Golden
Country Of Origin United States
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